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Urban Decay VICE SPECIAL EFFECTS Water Resistant Lip Topcoat - Seether

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The Urban Decay Vice Special Effects water resistant Lip Top coat is long lasting. It lets you transform your lips in selection of shimmer ,glitter & metallic finishes.

IT has fine tipped brush that helps you apply the production with precision on your lips. The formula is rich with marine collagen which moisturises your lips and gives then a long last sparkle.

You can mix and match these topcoats with any existing lipsticks in your collection to create a unique and customised look. 

Best way to use it: 

Line your lips with the precise applicator then apply one coat to fill.

Do not press your lips together.

Add another layer immediately if you are looking for more coverage. Leave a few seconds for the product to dry for optimum staying power.

Tip: Increase the staying power of your favourite lipsticks that disappear way too quickly by applying a layer of the lip top coat over the top.