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Sensationail Peel Off Strip Gel Deluxe Starter Kit

Sensationail Peel Off Strip Gel Deluxe Starter Kit

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Sensationail Deluxe Stripgel Starter Kit - includes 4 x Full Size Gel Polishes and It comes with everything you need to create up to twenty peel off gel manicures.

This kit also includes an LED Lamp with USB lead & Mains adaptor, buffer, cleanser & wipes for preparing the nails.

No more acetone/soaking! You'll simply love the Sensationail strip gel Starter kit, including 4 x full sized gel polishes!

You can also expand your kit and add any Sensationail Original gel polish Colour, For unlimited gel manicures!

Sensationail's non-wipe top coat and strip gel base coat that means you can easily remove gel from nails by simply peeling it off, without damaging nails and whilst maintaining up to 2 weeks of gel manicure wear.

Follow the steps below for perfect gel nail polish application.

Step 1: File your nails to the desired length and shape.

Step 2: Gently buff the nails with the pink side of the buffer until all the shine is removed.

Step 3: Wash your nails with washing up liquid to remove any oils (if the nail remains shiny, repeat the buffing and cleansing steps)

Step 4: cleanse your nails using Sensationail gel cleanser then apply a layer of Sensationail strip gel base coat. Leave this to air dry for around 30 seconds. Nb: it will remain tacky and will not completely dry.

Step 5: Apply 2 coats Of your desired shade including capping, curing each with the Sensationail LED lamp For 30 seconds (lamp turns off after 30 seconds)

Step 6: Finish off with a coat of Sensationail No wipe top and base coat and cure for 15 seconds

You get  4 x full sized colours in this incredible value pack.

Nude mood
From dusk till dawn
Over the rainbow:  (The particles are all the colours of the rainbow, and they look stunning by themselves or over a dark/nude shade.)
Mauve berry

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