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Maybelline MASTER CONTOUR V-SHAPE duo stick 02 Medium

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If you love makeup tutorials, cheekbones, professional techniques  but you don't get those results, don't worry! Maybelline has created this stick for you.

Thanks to its innovative combination of bronzer + illuminator in 1 product, you easily achieve a simple contouring that will mark and highlight the contours of your face.

Its secret lies in its creamy and smooth formula that allows it to be blurred even with the fingers. They also propose a very simple way to start contouring: the V trick. This trick is to draw a V with the ends from each cheekbone to the center of the face. With the tanning side of the stick mark the space just below the cheekbone to add depth. With the illuminating side highlights the points of light just above that line. Blend very well and voilà! Sculpted and defined face.