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L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Foundation 530 Espresso

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The L'Oréal Age Perfect Foundation - 530 Espresso provides a fresh, young look. The foundation has the ingredients of a seurm that nourishes your skin. Thanks to the micro gold particles, your skin will glow.

The Nutri Lift Gold technology ensures that your skin gets a radiant youthful complexion. The ingredients consist of a cocktail of anti-aging ingredients.

Apply the foundation to the face after your daily facial cleansing and day cream. Do not forget to shake the bottle before using it. The foundation can be applied with a brush, make-up sponge or with the fingers. Make sure that the accessories with which you apply the product are clean, to avoid irritation of the skin. For the best result, you can extend the foundation to your neck, so that you do not see a color difference. Blend the product well until no more spots and streaks are visible.