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Sensationail Polish to Gel Refill

Sensationail Polish to Gel Refill

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SensatioNail Gel colour polish is known for there damage proof. Wear these are one hard nails. Treat your nails to 2 weeks of chip-free wear with SensatioNail gel nail polish.

Transform some of your favourite nail polishes into long-lasting durable gel polish manicures that last up to 10 days.
Enjoy the best of both worlds with Nail & Gel Polishes.
Easy to use.

1 x Mixing Pot
1 x Transformer Clear Base 7.36ml
Mix with any nail polish and get the wear and shine of a gel:

Mixing Method:

Mix - Equal parts polish 2 gel and your nail polish.
Paint - Sweep on. Cure in SensatioNail LED lamp for 30 seconds. Repeat for 2-3 coats.
Protect - Seal in colour with polish to gel and cure for 15 seconds. Wipe with cleanser & go!
Gel Top Coat Method:

Paint - Sweep on your favourite nail polish and let dry (fully dry, not just touch dry so approx. 30 mins).
Protect - Apply a thin layer of polish to gel and cure for 15 seconds. Wipe with cleanser & go!

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