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L'Oreal Paris Unlimited Waterproof Mascara - Black

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L'Oreal Paris unlimited waterproof mascara, that pushes your lashes to their limits with 48 Hour non-stop hold.

Thanks to the unique combination of fixing waxes that gently coat lashes for ultimate no smudge, no flake, no budge mascara. With a unique bendable wand, inspired by a makeup artist mascara hack - that bends at 2 different angles, allowing for ultra-precise application.

The brush coats lashes with a creamy, non-clumpy waterproof formula which glides on perfectly to volumes, lengthen and define every last lash. Top, bottom, inner, outer, long, short...No lash is left behind! With unlimited waterproof mascara- our longest hold now meets our easiest removal yet. Simply apply warm water to a cotton pad and hold onto lashes taking this game-changing mascara to new heights.

For removal in the blink of an eye, no makeup Remover needed!